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7-Feb-20183D stochastic bicontinuous microstructures: generation, topology and elasticitySoyarslan, Celal ; Bargmann, Swantje ; Pradas, Marc ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
2017Effect of surface slasticity on the elastic response of nanoporous goldSoyarslan, Celal ; Husser, Edgar ; Bargmann, Swantje 
19-Aug-2015Elastic and plastic poisson’s ratios of nanoporous goldLührs, Lukas ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Bargmann, Swantje ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
2018Generation of 3D representative volume elements for heterogeneous materials: a reviewBargmann, Swantje ; Klusemann, Benjamin ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Schnabel, Jan Eike  ; Schneider, Konrad ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Wilmers, Jana 
2014Identification of fully coupled anisotropic plasticity and damage constitutive equations using a hybrid experimental–numerical methodology with various triaxialitiesYue, Z. M. ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Badreddine, H. ; Saanouni, K. ; Tekkaya, A. E. 
2-Dez-2015Materials based design of structures: computational modeling of the mechanical behavior of gold-polymer nanocompositesBargmann, Swantje ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Husser, Edgar ; Konchakova, Natalia 
18-Dez-2015Modeling of fracture in small punch tests for small- and large-scale yielding conditions at various temperaturesSoyarslan, Celal ; Gülçimen Çakan, Betül ; Bargmann, Swantje ; Hähner, Peter 
23-Jan-2017Size affected dislocation activity in crystals : advanced surface and grain boundary conditionsHusser, Edgar ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Bargmann, Swantje 
21-Jan-2016Structure-property relationships in nanoporous metallic glassesŞopu, Daniel ; Soyarslan, Celal ; Sarac, Baran ; Bargmann, Swantje ; Stoica, Mihai ; Eckert, Jürgen 
3-Aug-2016The effect of yield surface curvature change by cross hardening on forming limit diagrams of sheetsSoyarslan, Celal ; Klusemann, Benjamin ; Bargmann, Swantje 
5-Mär-2016Thermomechanical formulation of ductile damage coupled to nonlinear isotropic hardening and multiplicative viscoplasticitySoyarslan, Celal ; Bargmann, Swantje