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1985ACRITH - High Accuracy Arithmetic Subroutine LibraryRump, Siegfried M. 
1987Algebraic computation, numerical computation and verified inclusionsRump, Siegfried M. 
1994Ansätze einer frauenförderlichen Arbeits- und Technikgestaltung im BüroWinker, Gabriele 
1990Assessment of metal mobility in sludges and solid wastesFörstner, Ulrich ; Ahlf, Wolfgang ; Calmano, Wolfgang ; Kersten, Michael ; Schoer, Jürgen 
2004Assessment of power consumption of helicopter flight control systems without swashplateNeuheuser, Tom ; Carl, Udo B. 
2007Barriers to Innovation in SMEs: Can the Internationalization of RTiwari, Rajnish ; Buse, Stephan 
1985Behaviour of dredged mud after stabilization with different additivesCalmano, Wolfgang ; Förstner, Ulrich ; Kersten, Michael ; Krause, Dieter 
1993Binding and mobilization of heavy metals in contaminated sediments affected by pH and redox potentialCalmano, Wolfgang ; Hong, Jihua ; Förstner, Ulrich 
1990Biogeochemical studies on the distribution of heavy metals in the Elbe estuaryAhlf, Wolfgang ; Calmano, Wolfgang ; Förstner, Ulrich 
Okt-2017Blockchain in logistics and supply chain : trick or treat?Hackius, Niels  ; Petersen, Moritz 
1991Change in pH and release of heavy metals in the polluted sediments of Hamburg-Harbour and the downstream Elbe during oxidationHong, Jihua ; Calmano, Wolfgang ; Wallmann, Klaus ; Petersen, Wilhelm ; Schroeder, Friedhelm ; Knauth, Hans-Diethard ; Förstner, Ulrich 
1994Changes of the density of charge on mineral soil components by adsorption of some metabolites of hydrocarbonsHollederer, Gorch ; Calmano, Wolfgang 
1981Chemical speciation of heavy metals in solid waste materials (sewage sludge, mining wastes, dredged materials, polluted sediments) by sequential extractionFörstner, Ulrich ; Calmano, Wolfgang ; Conradt, K. ; Jaksch, H. ; Schimkus, C. ; Schoer, Jürgen 
1988Chemical stabilization and solidification of heavy metal contaminated dredged sludge from Hamburg harbourKhorasani, Reza ; Calmano, Wolfgang ; Gottschalk, F. 
1991CIM-Software in der Elektronikfertigung aus AnwendersichtJakob, Jörg-Ingo 
Feb-2017Comparison of single ended and differential signaling for wired biomedical implants using SPI communication with Reed Solomon Error Correction CodesGümüs, Cagil ; Bahr, Andreas ; Abu Saleh, Lait ; Schröder, Dietmar ; Krautschneider, Wolfgang 
2004Control of an electro-hydrostatic actuation system for the nose landing gear of an "all electric aircraft"Greißner, Carsten ; Carl, Udo B. 
1999Coupling iterative subsystem solversMackens, Wolfgang ; Menck, Jürgen ; Voß, Heinrich 
Okt-2017Cybersecurity in ports : a conceptual approachAhokas, Jenna ; Kiiski, Tuomas ; Malmsten, Jarmo ; Ojala, Lauri 
Okt-2017Design of a cyber-physical production system for semiconductor manufacturingKeil, Sophia