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2014A decision support model for waste management in support of developing low carbon, eco region : case studies of densely populated kampung setllements in urban areas in JakartaCandra Dewi, Ova 
1999Aerobic in situ stabilization of completed landfills and old sitesLeikam, Knut ; Heyer, Kai-Uwe ; Stegmann, Rainer 
2009Anaerobic Digestion of Blackwater and Kitchen RefuseWendland, Claudia 
2016Analytical framework and management strategy for large-scale sustainable sanitationSchlüter, Thoralf 
2011Aspects of systems for separate urine collection and treatment - selected techniques and potential implementation in an urban contextTettenborn, Felix 
1998Biodegradation of volatile CFCs, H-CFCs and VC in compost and marlDeipser, Anna 
21-Sep-2015Biogas and nutrients from blackwater, lawn cuttings and grease trap residues : experiments for Hamburg’s Jenfelder Au districtHertel, Saskia ; Navarro, P. ; Deegener, Stefan ; Körner, Ina 
2005Calibration and Verification of a Mathematical Model for the Simulation of Blackwater/Biowaste DigestionFeng, Yucheng 
21-Mär-2018Comparison of NF-RO and RO-NF for the treatment of mature landfill leachates: a guide for landfill operatorsRamaswami, Sreenivasan  ; Behrendt, Joachim ; Otterpohl, Ralf 
2010Development of a continuous single chamber vermicomposting toilet with urine diversion for on-site applicationBuzie-Fru, Christopher Azaah 
1-Mär-1993Fate of an absorbent gelling material for hygiene paper products in landfill and compostingStegmann, Rainer ; Lotter, Stefan ; King, L. ; Hopping, W. D. 
2009Further treatment of digested blackwater for extraction of valuable componentsAlp, Öznur 
5-Mär-2015Impact of powdered activated carbon and anion exchange resin on photocatalytic treatment of textile wastewaterDhas, Preethi Grace Theva Neethi ; Gulyas, Holger ; Otterpohl, Ralf 
2010Implementation of earthworm-assisted constructed wetlands to treat wastewater and possibility of using alternative plants in constructed wetlandsChiarawatchai, Nathasith 
2012Low-tech sustainable sanitation options for Ghana and Ethiopia – economic, social and technical aspectsDrewko, Aleksandra 
2016Material flow analysis of the urban water system in Tepic Mexico: Integral evaluation and improvement optionsEspinosa, Gabriela 
1998Modeling of aerated upflowed fixed bed reactors for the nitrificationBehrendt, Joachim 
15-Sep-2016Nanofiltration for safe drinking water in underdeveloped regions – a feasibility studyRamaswami, Sreenivasan  ; Ahmad, Zafar Navid ; Slesina, Maximilian ; Behrendt, Joachim ; Otterpohl, Ralf 
2018Nutzung regionaler abfall- und abwasserstämmiger Bioressourcen am Beispiel des Hamburger Demonstrationsvorhabens „Jenfelder Au“ : Inventur, Lagerung, Aufbereitung, Vergärung und GärrestverwertungHertel, Saskia ; Körner, Ina 
16-Nov-2016Occurrence of micropollutants in the wastewater streams of cruise shipsWesthof, Lena ; Köster, Stephan ; Reich, Margrit