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2009Anaerobic Digestion of Blackwater and Kitchen RefuseWendland, Claudia
2016Analytical framework and management strategy for large-scale sustainable sanitationSchlüter, Thoralf
2011Aspects of systems for separate urine collection and treatment - selected techniques and potential implementation in an urban contextTettenborn, Felix
2010Development of a continuous single chamber vermicomposting toilet with urine diversion for on-site applicationBuzie-Fru, Christopher Azaah
2010Implementation of earthworm-assisted constructed wetlands to treat wastewater and possibility of using alternative plants in constructed wetlandsChiarawatchai, Nathasith
2012Low-tech sustainable sanitation options for Ghana and Ethiopia – economic, social and technical aspectsDrewko, Aleksandra
2016Material flow analysis of the urban water system in Tepic Mexico: Integral evaluation and improvement optionsEspinosa, Gabriela
2009New Conception and Decision Support Model for Integrated Urban Water SystemFeng, Yucheng
2009Odour control by selective absorption using solubility agents and washing oilsFreudenthal, Kai
2009Pharmaceutical Residues in Urine and Potential Risks related to Usage as Fertiliser in AgricultureWinker, Martina
2012Process intensification of biological desulphurisation of biogasGayh, Ulrike
2014Prozesssimulation biologischer Abbauprozesse im Bereich der AbfallwirtschaftDeipser, Anna
2010Resource efficiency of urban sanitation systems : a comparative assessment using material and energy flow analysisMeinzinger, Franziska