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2004An a priori bound for Automated Multi-Level SubstructuringVoß, Heinrich; Elssel, Kolja
2005Abstract perturbed Krylov methodsZemke, Jens-Peter M.
2003An Arnoldi method for nonlinear eigenvalue problemsVoß, Heinrich
2012An augmented analysis of the perturbed two-sided Lanczos tridiagonalization processPaige, Christopher C.; Panayotov, Ivo; Zemke, Jens-Peter M.
2005Automated Multilevel Substructuring for Nonlinear EigenproblemsVoß, Heinrich; Elssel, Kolja
2005Comparison study of some finite volume and finite element methods for the shallow water equations with bottom topography and friction termsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária; Teschke, Ulf
2010Eigenvalue computations based on IDRGutknecht, Martin ; Zemke, Jens-Peter M.
2005Electronic States in Three Dimensional Quantum Dot/Wetting Layer StructuresVoß, Heinrich; Betcke, Marta
2004An evolution Galerkin scheme for the shallow water magnetohydrodynamic (SMHD) equations in two space dimensionsKröger, Tim; Medviďová-Lukáčová, Mária
2004Finite volume evolution Galerkin (FVEG) methods for three-dimensional wave equation systemMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária; Warnecke, Gerald; Zahaykah, Yousef
2004Finite volume schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems based on the use of bicharacteristicsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária; Saibertova, Jitka
2011Flexible and multi-shift induced dimension reduction algorithms for solving large sparse linear systemsGijzen, Martin Bastiaan van; Sleijpen, Gerard L. G.; Zemke, Jens-Peter M.
2004(Hessenberg) eigenvalue-eigenmatrix relationsZemke, Jens-Peter M.
2012IDR: A new generation of Krylov subspace methods?Rendel, Olaf; Rizvanolli, Anisa; Zemke, Jens-Peter M.
2005Iterative projection methods for computing relevant energy states of a quantum dotVoß, Heinrich
2004A local restart procedure for iterative projection methods for nonlinear symmetric eigenproblemsVoß, Heinrich; Betcke, Marta
2006A new justification of the Jacobi–Davidson method for large eigenproblemsVoß, Heinrich
2004Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: A Challenge for Modern Eigenvalue MethodsVoß, Heinrich; Mehrmann, Volker
2005Numerical calculation of the electronic structure for three-dimensional quantum dotsVoß, Heinrich
2004Numerical modeling of shallow flows including bottom topography and friction effectsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária