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Okt-2017Blockchain in logistics and supply chain : trick or treat?Hackius, Niels  ; Petersen, Moritz 
Okt-2017Cybersecurity in ports : a conceptual approachAhokas, Jenna ; Kiiski, Tuomas ; Malmsten, Jarmo ; Ojala, Lauri 
Okt-2017Design of a cyber-physical production system for semiconductor manufacturingKeil, Sophia 
Okt-2017Digitalization in maritime and sustainable logistics: city logistics, port logistics and sustainable supply chain management in the digital age
Okt-2017Digitalization in supply chain management and logistics
Okt-2017E-Cash & E-Vouchers: the digitalization of the humanitarian aid and logisticsCohen, Loic ; Salaun, Vincent 
Okt-2017Framework for digitalized proactive supply chain risk managementDiedrich, Katharina 
Aug-2015Innovations and strategies for logistics and supply chains
2014Innovative methods in logistics and supply chain management : current issues and emerging practices
Okt-2017Investigating the factors influencing the acceptance of fully autonomous carsBenleulmi, Ahmed Ziad ; Blecker, Thorsten 
Okt-2017Lead-time optimization potential of digitization in air cargoBierwirth, Benjamin ; Schocke, Kai-Oliver 
2014Next generation supply chains : trends and opportunities
Aug-2015Operational excellence in logistics and supply chains
Okt-2017Relational view on collaborative supply chain disruption recoveriesBrüning, Marie ; Bendul, Julia 
Aug-2015Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Okt-2017Towards a web based transportation infrastructureKleedorfer, Florian ; Huemer, Christian 
Okt-2017Transforming blood supply chain management with Internet of things paradigmBoonyanusith, Wijai ; Jittamai, Phongchai