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1982Observation of free-surface shear flow and its relation to bow wave-breaking on full formsKayo, Yoshio ; Takekuma, Katsuyoshi ; Eggers, Klaus ; Sharma, Som Deo 
16-Nov-2016Occurrence of micropollutants in the wastewater streams of cruise shipsWesthof, Lena ; Köster, Stephan ; Reich, Margrit 
1985Ocean transport: the decade past and the decade aheadBenford, Harry 
2009Odour control by selective absorption using solubility agents and washing oilsFreudenthal, Kai 
2007Omnidirectional photonic band gap in polymer photonic crystal slabsWülbern, Jan Hendrik ; Schmidt, Markus ; Eich, Manfred ; Hübner, Uwe ; Boucher, Richard ; Marlow, Frank ; Volksen, Willi 
1993On a consistent linearized theory of the wave-making-resistance of ships : 16th Georg-Weinblum-Memorial-LectureBessho, Masatoshi 
1959On a instability of surface wavesBaumann, Hellmut 
17-Jun-2016On a non-symmetric eigenvalue problem governing interior structural-acoustic vibrationsVoß, Heinrich 
1975On a Probabilistic Approach to the Influence of Wind on the Longitudinal Ventilation of Road TunnelsBlendermann, Werner 
1954On a simple method for calculating laminar boundary layersWieghardt, Karl 
2003On evolution Galerkin Methods for the Maxwell and the linearezed Euler equationsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária ; Saibertova, Jitka ; Warnecke, Gerald ; Zahaykah, Yousef 
1963On Problems of Wave Resistance ResearchWeinblum, Georg 
1966On Second Order Contributions to Ship Waves and Wave ResistanceEggers, Klaus 
1977On Ship Maneuverability and Collision AvoidanceSharma, Som Deo 
2014On Structured Pencils arising in Sonneveld MethodsZemke, Jens-Peter M. 
2003On the boundary conditions for EG-methods applied to the two-dimensional wave equation systemMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária ; Warnecke, Gerald ; Zahaykah, Yousef 
12-Mär-2018On the direct kinematics problem of parallel mechanismsSeibel, Arthur ; Schulz, Stefan ; Schlattmann, Josef 
2010On the effects of the external surface on the equilibrium transport in zeolite crystalsZimmermann, N. E. R. ; Smit, B. ; Keil, F. J. 
7-Dez-2017On the impact of capillarity for strength at the nanoscaleMameka, Nadiia ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
2010On the mechanical properties of hierarchically structured biological materialsBechtle, Sabine ; Ang, Siang Fung ; Schneider, Gerold A.