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Preprints des Institutes für Mathematik
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11996A projection method for computing the minimum eigenvalue of a symmetric positive definite Toeplitz matrixMackens, Wolfgang ; Voß, Heinrich 
22005Abstract perturbed Krylov methodsZemke, Jens-Peter M. 
32012An augmented analysis of the perturbed two-sided Lanczos tridiagonalization processPaige, Christopher C. ; Panayotov, Ivo ; Zemke, Jens-Peter M. 
42010Eigenvalue computations based on IDRGutknecht, Martin ; Zemke, Jens-Peter M. 
52004Finite volume schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems based on the use of bicharacteristicsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária ; Saibertova, Jitka 
62003Finite volume schemes for multidimensional hyperbolic systems based on the use of bicharacteristicsMedviďová-Lukáčová, Mária 
72011Flexible and multi-shift induced dimension reduction algorithms for solving large sparse linear systemsGijzen, Martin Bastiaan van ; Sleijpen, Gerard L. G. ; Zemke, Jens-Peter M. 
82004(Hessenberg) eigenvalue-eigenmatrix relationsZemke, Jens-Peter M. 
92012IDR: A new generation of Krylov subspace methods?Rendel, Olaf ; Rizvanolli, Anisa ; Zemke, Jens-Peter M. 
101997Interior and modal masters in condensation methods for eigenvalue problemsVoß, Heinrich 
111997Modal and interior nodal masters in parallel condensation methods for generalized eigenvalue problemsRothe, Kai ; Voß, Heinrich 
121997Non nodal condensation of eigenvalue problemsMackens, Wolfgang ; Voß, Heinrich 
132014On Structured Pencils arising in Sonneveld MethodsZemke, Jens-Peter M. 
142016Variants of IDR with partial orthonormalizationZemke, Jens-Peter M.