Emmelmann, Claus
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12017A cloud-based platform for automated order processing in additive ManufacturingRudolph, Jan-Peer ; Emmelmann, Claus 
22017Analysis of design guidelines for automated order acceptance in additive manufacturingRudolph, Jan-Peer ; Emmelmann, Claus 
315-Apr-2011Analysis of laser ablation of CFRP by ultra-short laser pulses with short wavelengthEmmelmann, Claus ; Petersen, Maren ; Goeke, André ; Canisius, Marten 
42016Evolutionary-based design and control of geometry aims for AMD-manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V partsMöller, Mauritz ; Baramsky, Nicolaj ; Ewald, Ake ; Emmelmann, Claus ; Schlattmann, Josef 
52015Fatigue Performance of Laser Additive Manufactured Ti–6al–4V in Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime up to 1E9 CyclesWycisk, Eric ; Siddique, Shafaqat ; Herzog, Dirk ; Walther, Frank ; Emmelmann, Claus 
62011High-precision calibration of a weld-on-the-fly-systemEmmelmann, Claus ; Schenk, Kerstin ; Wollnack, Jörg ; Kirchhoff, Marc 
72016Influence of an angular hatching exposure strategy on the surface roughness during picosecond laser ablation of hard materialsDaniel, Christian ; Manderla, Jannik ; Hallmann, Sina ; Emmelmann, Claus 
81-Jan-2010Influence of laser cutting parameters on CFRP part qualityGoeke, André ; Emmelmann, Claus 
92016Influence of process parameters on the quality of aluminium alloy en AW 7075 using Selective Laser Melting (SLM)Kaufmann, Niko ; Imran, Muhammad ; Wischeropp, Tim Marten ; Emmelmann, Claus ; Siddique, Shafaqat ; Walther, Frank 
1010-Nov-2012Investigation of aging processes of Ti-6Al-4V powder material in laser meltingSeyda, Vanessa ; Kaufmann, Niko ; Emmelmann, Claus 
112016IR-thermography for quality prediction in selective laser deburringMöller, Mauritz ; Conrad, Christian ; Haimerl, Walter ; Emmelmann, Claus 
1221-Mär-2018Self-learning calculation for selective laser meltingRudolph, Jan-Peer ; Emmelmann, Claus