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Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 1 to 20 of 1710
2018Development of a colored GFRP with antistatic propertiesMeeuw, Hauke  ; Radek, Markus ; Fiedler, Bodo 
27-Feb-2016Scaling laws of nanoporous gold under uniaxial compression : effects of structural disorder on the solid fraction, elastic Poisson's ratio, Young's modulus and yield strengthRoschning, Benedikt ; Huber, Norbert 
20-Jul-2018Synthesis of uniform bulk nanoporous palladium with tunable structureShi, Shan ; Markmann, Jürgen ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
1-Jun-2018A geometric model for the fracture toughness of porous materialsJelitto, Hans ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
27-Mär-2018Functionalisation of metal-polymer-nanocomposites : chemoelectromechanical coupling and charge carrier transportWilmers, Jana ; Bargmann, Swantje 
19-Apr-2018Skeletonization, geometrical analysis, and finite element modeling of nanoporous gold based on 3D tomography dataRichert, Claudia ; Huber, Norbert 
8-Jun-2016Piezoelectric gold : strong charge-load response in a metal-based hybrid nanomaterialStenner, Charlotte ; Shao, Li-Hua ; Mameka, Nadiia ; Weißmüller, Jörg 
20-Jul-2018Performance evaluation of small sized powdered ferric hydroxide as arsenic adsorbentUsman, Muhammad ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Mitrakas, Manassis ; Zouboulis, Anastasios I. ; Ernst, Mathias 
5-Jan-2018Active vibration control using the centrifugal forces of eccentrically rotating massesBäumer, Richard 
2018Exploring the acceptance of ubiquitous computing-based Information services in brick and mortar retail environments - an integration of UTAUT2 and media system dependency theoryKheiravar, Sara 
2018LWE-based encryption schemes and their applications in privacy-friendly data aggregationBecker, Daniela 
30-Jun-2017Approximation of mechanical properties of sintered materials with discrete element methodDosta, Maksym ; Besler, Robert ; Ziehdorn, Christian ; Janßen, Rolf ; Heinrich, Stefan 
2018Electromagnetic modeling and optimization of through silicon viasDahl, David 
2017Fabrication of composites via spouted bed granulation process and simulation of their micromechanical propertiesEichner, Eduard ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Schneider, Gerold A. 
2017Numerical investigation of compaction of deformable particles with bonded-particle modelDosta, Maksym ; Costa, Clara ; Al-Qureshi, Hazim Ali 
2018Einbindung von Brennstoffzellenanlagen in schiffstechnische SystemeGentner, Christoph  
21-Jun-2016Fermentation of mixed substrates by Clostridium pasteurianum and its physiological, metabolic and proteomic characterizationsSabra, Wael ; Wang, Wei ; Surandram, Sruthi ; Prescher, Christin ; Zeng, An-Ping 
2018Computability theoryZimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
2018Information optimum design of discrete LDPC decoders for irregular codesStark, Maximilian  
Jun-2017Closed form probabilistic analysis of lamination parameters for composite structuresKriegesmann, Benedikt  
Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 1 to 20 of 1710