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1-Nov-2016Empty container management at ports considering pollution, repair options, and street-turnsSáinz Bernat, Norberto; Schulte, Frederik; Voß, Stefan; Böse, Jürgen W.
12-Aug-2017Online monitoring of surface cracks and delaminations in carbon fiber/epoxy composites using silver nanoparticle based inkAugustin, Till; Grunert, Danny; Langner, Hauke H.; Haverkamp, Vico; Fiedler, Bodo
2002A Maxmin Principle for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems with Application to a Rational Spectral Problem in Fluid-Solid VibrationVoß, Heinrich
20-Jul-2011Diffuser and nozzle design optimization by entropy generation minimizationSchmandt, Bastian; Herwig, Heinz
2006Große Pyramide - Der asymmetrische KristallJelitto, Hans
29-Jan-2016Enhancement of alkaline protease activity and stability via covalent immobilization onto hollow core-mesoporous shell silica nanospheresIbrahim, Abdelnasser S. S.; Al-Salamah, Ali A.; El-Toni, Ahmed Mohamed; Almaary, Khalid S.; El-Tayeb, Mohamed A.; Elbadawi, Yahya B.; Antranikian, Garabed
10-Jun-2015Fast and reliable production, purification and characterization of heat-stable, bifunctional enzyme chimerasNeddersen, Mara; Elleuche, Skander
16-Mär-2017The role of geometrically necessary dislocations in cantilever beam bending experiments of single crystalsHusser, Edgar; Bargmann, Swantje
26-Apr-2017Embedded spherical localization for micro underwater vehicles based on attenuation of electro-magnetic carrier signalsDuecker, Daniel-André; Geist, Andreas René; Hengeler, Michael; Kreuzer, Edwin; Pick, Marc-André; Rausch, Viktor; Solowjow, Eugen
23-Feb-2014TiO2 photocatalyst nanoparticle separation: flocculation in different matrices and use of powdered activated carbon as a precoat in low-cost fabric filtrationLiriano Jorge, Carlos F.; Söhmen, Uğur; Özkan, Altan; Gulyas, Holger; Otterpohl, Ralf