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2007Innovation via Global Route: Proposing a Reference Model for Chances and Challenges of Global Innovation ProcessesTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan; Herstatt, Cornelius
2007Mobile Services in Banking Sector: The Role of Innovative Business Solutions in Generating Competitive AdvantageTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan; Herstatt, Cornelius
2007The Mobile Commerce Prospects: A Strategic Analysis of Opportunities in the Banking SectorTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan
2006Customer on the Move: Strategic Implications of Mobile Banking for Banks and Financial EnterprisesTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan; Herstatt, Cornelius
2007Barriers to Innovation in SMEs: Can the Internationalization of RTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan
2006Mobile Banking as Business Strategy: Impact of Mobile Technologies on Customer Behaviour and Its Implications for BanksTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan; Herstatt, Cornelius
2006The Mobile Commerce technologies: Generations, Standards and ProtocolsTiwari, Rajnish; Buse, Stephan; Herstatt, Cornelius
2009Influence of Government Policies on Industry Development: The Case of India's Automotive IndustryRanawat, Mahipat; Tiwari, Rajnish
2012India - a lead market for frugal innovations? : extending the lead market theory to emerging economiesTiwari, Rajnish; Herstatt, Cornelius
Mär-2017Frugal innovation in Germany : a qualitative analysis of potential socio-economic impactsTiwari, Rajnish; Fischer, Luise; Kalogerakis, Katharina