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Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 21 to 40 of 1898
2017Continuing education and personalization of design methods to improve their acceptance in practice : an explorative studyÜreten, Selin ; Beckmann, Gregor ; Schwenke, Eilika ; Krause, Dieter ; Cao, Shi 
2-Feb-2017Dealloying-based interpenetrating-phase nanocomposites matching the elastic behavior of human boneOkulov, Ilya ; Weißmüller, Jörg ; Markmann, Jürgen 
29-Mär-2012Super roguewaves : observation of a higher-order breather inwaterwavesChabchoub, Amin ; Hoffmann, Norbert ; Onorato, Miguel ; Akhmediev, Nail N. 
4-Apr-2012A genome-wide study of two-component signal transduction systems in eight newly sequenced mutans streptococci strainsSong, Lifu ; Sudhakar, Padhmanand ; Wang, Wei ; Conrads, Georg ; Brock, Anke ; Sun, Jibin ; Wagner-Döbler, Irene ; Zeng, An-Ping 
10-Nov-2012Investigation of aging processes of Ti-6Al-4V powder material in laser meltingSeyda, Vanessa ; Kaufmann, Niko ; Emmelmann, Claus 
5-Dez-2018Friction-induced vibrations during tightening of bolted joints : analytical and experimental resultsBaramsky, Nicolaj ; Seibel, Arthur ; Schlattmann, Josef 
11-Dez-2018Comparison of analytical approaches predicting the compressive strength of fibre reinforced polymersLeopold, Christian ; Harder, Sergej ; Philipkowski, Timo ; Liebig, Wilfried  ; Fiedler, Bodo 
2019Design, dynamics, and control of micro underwater vehicle systems for autonomous environmental explorationSolowjow, Eugen 
15-Apr-2011Analysis of laser ablation of CFRP by ultra-short laser pulses with short wavelengthEmmelmann, Claus ; Petersen, Maren ; Goeke, André ; Canisius, Marten 
1-Apr-2011Semi-empirical model for the direct simulation of power plant with integrated post-combustion CO2 capture processes by wet chemical absorptionOexmann, Jochen ; Hasenbein, Christoph ; Kather, Alfons 
2-Feb-2012Volcanic SO2 and SiF4 visualization using 2-D thermal emission spectroscopy ; Part 1: Slant-columns and their ratiosStremme, Wolfgang ; Krueger, Arne ; Harig, Roland ; Grutter, Michel 
20-Nov-2012PLAU inferred from a correlation network is critical for suppressor function of regulatory T cellsHe, Feng ; Chen, Hairong ; Probst-Kepper, Michael ; Geffers, Robert ; Eifes, Serge ; Sol, Antonio del ; Schughart, Klaus ; Zeng, An-Ping ; Balling, Rudi 
25-Jul-2017Influence of carbon nanoparticle modification on the mechanical and electrical properties of epoxy in small volumesLeopold, Christian ; Augustin, Till  ; Schwebler, Thomas ; Lehmann, Jonas ; Liebig, Wilfried V.  ; Fiedler, Bodo 
27-Feb-2017Numerical simulation of deep vibration compaction in abaqus/CEL and MPMChmelnizkij, Alexander ; Nagula, Sparsha Sinduri ; Grabe, Jürgen 
2017Benchmarking of the DMX CO2 capture processBroutin, Paul ; Briot, Patrick ; Ehlers, Sören ; Kather, Alfons 
2018Crystal plasticity modeling of fully lamellar titanium aluminide alloysSchnabel, Jan Eike  
31-Okt-2018Review on the Production of Polysaccharide Aerogel ParticlesGanesan, Kathirvel ; Budtova, Tatiana ; Ratke, Lorenz ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Baudron, Victor ; Preibisch, Imke ; Niemeyer, Philipp ; Smirnova, Irina ; Milow, Barbara 
3-Mai-2018Computing Fault-Containment Times of Self-Stabilizing Algorithms Using Lumped Markov ChainsTurau, Volker 
2010An adaptive fuzzy dead-zone compensation scheme and its application to electro-hydraulic systemsBessa, Wallace Moreira ; Dutra, Max Suell ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
5-Apr-2017Hybrid system calibration for multidimensional magnetic particle imagingGladiß, Anselm von ; Gräser, Matthias ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Knopp, Tobias ; Buzug, Thorsten M. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Einreichdatum in Absteigend order): 21 to 40 of 1898